Breaking barriers to accessible education for all

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The Client

Taalimy is an EdTech web platform developed by Robusta in partnership with Vodafone Foundation, Vodafone Egypt's CSR sub-brand. Taalimy aims to provide accessible and affordable education opportunities for underprivileged communities in Egypt.

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The Solution

Robusta developed an Ed-Tech Web Platform for VF Foundation, offering a premium educational experience to K-12 underprivileged students in Egypt. The platform included school curricula, extracurricular, special certifications, and incentivization strategies such as loyalty and gamification. The solution was expanded to encompass the entire educational system, including teachers and parents, creating a holistic educational experience.

The Challenge

In rural Egypt, students have limited access to quality education, and the Vodafone Foundation wanted to bridge that gap. However, the underprivileged communities in Egypt either lacked awareness of online education or had no access to the internet or couldn't afford it. In 2018, Vodafone Foundation approached Robusta to develop a solution.

The Process

The Impact

Innovative Incentivization Strategies

Vodafone Taalimy incorporates innovative incentivization strategies, including loyalty and gamification, to increase user engagement and enrollment rates. By offering users badges and levels as they progress through the platform, Vodafone Taalimy has made learning more enjoyable and rewarding for students, further increasing their motivation to continue learning.

Empowering Teachers and Parents

The Vodafone Taalimy experience has expanded to include a holistic approach to education that encompasses the entire educational system, including teachers and parents. By offering development certifications for teachers and parenting content for parents, the platform empowers educators and caregivers to play a more active role in their students' education.

Breaking Barriers to Education

Vodafone Taalimy has helped break down barriers to accessible education for underprivileged students in rural Egypt. By providing a premium educational experience that is both affordable and accessible, the platform has expanded access to quality education for communities that may have otherwise been left behind.

The Results

Vodafone Taalimy made education accessible for underprivileged students in rural Egypt through an affordable and premium experience. Incentivization strategies like loyalty and gamification boosted user engagement, and user analytics and activations contributed to the platform's success. Vodafone Taalimy has the potential to reach 5M users, making a significant impact in expanding access to quality education for underprivileged communities.

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