Revamping an Egyptian coffee icon

Software development. UX/UI.

The Client

Cilantro is Egypt's first and leading homegrown Western style coffee shop. Operating since 2000, Cilantro introduced the concept of Chain Coffee Shops to the Egyptian Market and now has over 85 branches across Egypt, serving more than 4 million visitors per year.

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The Solution

To start their digital transformation, Cilantro created a 100% contactless experience with three interfaces for different stakeholders: admin, user, and barista. They also launched a beach campaign where customers could order from their umbrellas, and collected data to incentivize app adoption and loyalty, resulting in higher app acquisition rates and conversion of walking customers to digital ones. A personalized loyalty program was also created to incentivize customer engagement and higher retention rates.

The Challenge

Post-Covid, Cilantro realized that digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a necessity to every business. The challenge was to transform the experience of all its customers into a digital one across all its branches, which spanned across malls, hospitals, executive buildings, streets, and online.

The Process

The Impact

62% Yearly Growth in Revenue

Through the successful implementation of the digital transformation and the introduction of various features, Cilantro experienced a 62% yearly growth in revenue. This achievement was made possible through the collaboration between Cilantro and Robusta in designing, developing, and creatively creating digital products that fit the business needs of the client and enhance the end-user's experience.

Acquisition of 75,562 Users

The implementation of the digital solution by Robusta helped Cilantro acquire 75,562 users, who were able to enjoy the benefits of the contactless experience, personalized loyalty program, and attractive promotions and BOGO offers. This significant increase in the user base contributed to the company's growth and success.

Introduction of Promotion and BOGO Systems

The implementation of a promotion system and a Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) system by Cilantro, through Robusta's digital solution, allowed the company to provide unique and attractive offers to their customers. This led to an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction, resulting in higher revenue growth.

Boosting Customer Retention and Conversion to Digital

Cilantro's digital transformation allowed the company to provide a seamless, contactless experience for their customers, resulting in higher retention rates and the conversion of walk-in customers into digital customers. The introduction of a loyalty program with personalized incentives also contributed to these achievements.

The Results

Cilantro's digital transformation journey resulted in significant positive impacts on their business. Through a 100% contactless experience, they were able to convert walk-in customers into digital ones and introduce new promotion systems. They acquired a large number of new users, leading to higher retention rates and substantial yearly revenue growth.

Yearly Revenue Growth
Customers Acquired

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