The Story of a customer-centric grocery giant gone digital.

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The Client

Seoudi is a local grocery and retail giant. Founded in 1938, Seoudi started as a family-owned grocery store and grew to become one of the biggest supermarket chains in Egypt with a current capacity of 18 stores across Cairo and Giza. With a mission to become number one in the retail industry in terms of quality and customer experience, Seoudi has become a renowned house-name setting the benchmark for grocery stores to come.

App Store

The Solution

Robusta helped Seoudi to turn digital and digitize their groceries, create a picking system, and optimize the omnichannel experience. Data-driven decisions were made possible by the data coming in through all digital platforms.

The Challenge

After establishing themselves as number one in terms of quality and customer experience, Seoudi saw the need to turn digital and tap into the booming grocery e-commerce market. Albeit their in-house operations were of world-class standards, they weren’t applicable to the digital world quite yet. With Robusta already having years of experience in the grocery e-commerce market, Seoudi found the perfect match to break into creating a holistic, customer-centric digital experience while maintaining their reputation as the best.

The Process

The Impact

Live Substitution Feature

With the creation of a picking system that includes a live substitution feature, more than 70% of orders made through Seoudi's app were fulfilled correctly, resulting in significantly low error rates.

App Store Success

The Seoudi app reached #7 in the Food and Beverage category on the App Store, demonstrating the success of the digital transformation project and the positive impact on Seoudi's brand awareness and visibility.

4X Higher Conversion Rate

The digital transformation project resulted in Seoudi having a conversion rate that was 4x higher than the industry average, indicating the success of the customer-centric approach and the digitization of the grocery shopping experience.

Top-tier Omnichannel Experience

Seoudi was able to provide top-tier experiences for their customers through a customer-centric strategy and an omnichannel experience.

The Results

After the successful implementation of their digital transformation project with the help of Robusta, Seoudi saw significant growth in their revenue, customer base, and order frequency. The results achieved not only demonstrate the success of the project but also highlight the positive impact on Seoudi's business and brand.

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MoM Revenue Growth

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