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Leading an Automotive Center To Digital Empowerment

Business Development. UX/UI.

The Story

Operating since 2002, our client is a professional auto service center that provides top quality car services and premium tire brands for all car models and makes - with a specialty of providing convenience and constant support to drivers everywhere with an ever growing chain of stores across the country.


The Solution

We created a UI/UX website that highlights their impressive portfolio of top-notch automotive partners, differentiating them from their competitors. They also created a dedicated knowledge center that automates the salesperson/mechanic process into one that the customer can handle on their own, empowering automotive digital.

The Challenge

The auto service center wanted to become a pioneer in the industry by creating Egypt’s first digital automotive platform, offering an array of services that were traditionally only available in physical stores. They needed a natural and intuitive way to showcase their strengths and key partners to build trust with their customers.

The Process

The Impact

Customer Loyalty icon

The project resulted in 261 returning customers, demonstrating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Acquisition icon

The digital platform empowered the auto service center to reach its audience easier and therefore becoming the only e-commerce website of its kind in the country, leading to 4.4K new customers.

Revenue Growth icon

The digital platform designed and developed by Robusta led to a 137% YoY revenue growth for the auto service center, indicating a significant increase in sales and the effectiveness of the digital platform.

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