Revolutionizing Distribution: A Global Food Company's Digital Transformation

A groundbreaking digital solution designed to revolutionize distribution, reduce costs for a, and boost revenue for one of the largest food multinationals in the world.

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The Client

A multinational company known for its extensive array of consumer brands, with a particular emphasis on snacking and confectionery products. Their diverse product line caters to a wide range of consumer preferences.

The Solution

We introduced an app enables retailers to place direct orders from warehouses operated by the company, effectively reducing distribution service costs. This innovative approach not only streamlines the distribution process but also yields significant cost savings, redefining the economics of distribution services for retailers.

The Challenge

In response to the implementation of a cost-cutting project that eliminated 10,000 customers with the lowest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) due to high servicing costs, there was a need to launch a digital platform that could replace traditional cash van sales approaches.

The Impact

30% revenue growth icon

Thanks to the platform's impact on reducing costs and optimizing distribution, the company experienced a significant 30% growth in revenue. This revenue boost was a testament to the platform's contribution to the company's overall success.

1K+ orders/month icon

With more than 1,000 orders processed monthly, the platform proved to be a pivotal tool in streamlining the company's distribution system. Its convenience and efficiency led to a substantial increase in order placement.

10K+ users/month icon

The platform quickly gained popularity, attracting over 10,000 users every month. This surge in user engagement reflected the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the platform.

Cost Cuts Significantly icon

Implementation of the app led to an impressive 70% reduction in operational costs. This substantial cost-cutting measure significantly enhanced the company's overall financial efficiency.

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