Establishing a Digital Hub for a Leading Saudi Insurance Provider

The story of outsourcing solutions to strengthen a Saudi insurance company to drive innovation.

Team Augmentation .


Acknowledging the necessity of establishing a robust digital hub within the Kingdom, a leading insurance provider in Saudi Arabia sought to elevate its digital footprint through building a team made up of tech talents from scratch. The company entrusted Octopus as their partner in this transformative journey. Tasked with finding a solution to building a tech team quickly and effectively, we were poised to deliver innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

The Challenge

In recent years, the company observed a significant shift towards digitalization within the insurance sector, driven by evolving customer expectations and industry advancements. However, they faced challenges in scaling their technical and human resources to meet their growing digital demands. With a pressing need for access to top-tier talent and expertise, the insurance company turned to Robusta Studio for support.

The Solution

We introduced the insurance company to our vertical Octopus — a comprehensive outsourcing solution that focuses on outsourcing tech talents to meet their unique and timely needs. Through our meticulous matching process, we identified and on boarded the most suitable talents for the company’s digital hub initiative. By providing timely access to talent with specialized skills in development and management frameworks, Octopus facilitated seamless integration of resources into the company’s projects.

The Process

The Impact

The company witnessed a significant increase in development velocity, accelerating the delivery of software increments. By swiftly filling critical vacancies and integrating resources seamlessly, Octopus played a pivotal role in building a skilled and dynamic team for the company’s digital hub, driving innovation and growth in the insurance sector.

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