Flexing Profits: A Fitness Center's Path to Success

The digitization story of on of Egypt’s first Health and Fitness Giant.

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The Story

Our client, a leader in the health and fitness industry, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the quality of life for individuals in Egypt. With a mission that started more than a decade ago, the company aimed to revolutionize the industry and has successfully become an icon with numerous venues, dedicated coaches, and a thriving user base.


The Solution

Our solution for these challenges included a comprehensive package of services. The app we created consolidated all information and updates in one place. Customers can use the app to track their schedules, create personalized schedules and monitor their workout progress. Additionally, we introduced a universal currency where users purchase “points” in bulk and perform all their purchases directly through the app, simplifying pricing and making it easier for users to purchase packages and use them . We also implemented an in-house loyalty program, designed to retain customers and motivate them to keep coming back, providing exclusive discounts, partnerships, and more, creating brand ambassadors out of members.

The Challenge

As the company grew, they began to realize how outdated the traditional health and fitness operations were. Receptionists recording people’s remaining classes, having to go through the company website or social media to know the schedule, manually recording payments in excel sheets - the typical, indistinct process of gyms and fitness centers before the digital transformation era. With more health clubs opening up, the company discovered the need to digitize and differentiate themselves.

The Process

The Impact

Data-Driven Decisions: Marketing Analytics for Better Customer Experiences icon

Marketing analytics that lead decisions: with over 190 services, analytics enable them to know which class, hub, and coaches are performing best providing data that helps provide users with better customer experiences.

Boosting Customer Lifetime Value: Dynamic Offerings for Increased Acquisition icon

Higher CLTV: Increasing customer acquisition and customer lifetime value with different offerings in the app instead of a plateau, stagnant offer.

Streamlined Operations: Consolidated Dashboard for Seamless Experience icon

Easier service moderation and finance tracking with one consolidated dashboard for all stakeholders to view resulting in a more seamless experience for both users and employees.

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