E-Commerce Case Study - How RTG Grew Mazaya's Retail Sales X4

How Custom E-Commerce Solutions Revolutionized Sales and Efficiency.

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The Client

Mazaya Retail Group is a well-established entity specializing in retailing international consumer product brands in Egypt, including fragrances & cosmetics, fashion, lingerie, watches, and accessories. With more than 10 different brands, over 65 stores, and strategic locations in high-traffic shopping malls and street locations across Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta, and Mansoura, Mazaya continues to dominate the retail market.

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The Challenge

Mazaya's challenges stemmed from the need to transition to the digital e-commerce era, enhancing their existing platform to depend less on their traditional strategy of opening more retail stores. Additionally, the diverse portfolio of brands under the Mazaya Group required individual e-commerce websites that would be operational promptly.

The Process

Robusta's process involved a fast-tracked development approach, prioritizing speed without compromising quality. For the fully customized Mazaya brand platform, the development time was 2 months. For other brands like Parfois, the same timeframe was applied but with the added benefit of developing a reusable base. The speed and efficiency of this process were further proven with the Etam platform's development which took only 12 days.

The Solution

The Impact

Go-Live Fast Approach icon

The speedy and efficient approach taken by Robusta proved invaluable in the development of 5 E-Commerce platforms (out of several new Brands) for each brand under the Mazaya Group.

Sales Impact icon

Notably, the new platform for the Mazaya brand saw a X4 increase in sales from the Go-live date in February 2023 until May 2023. This notable sales performance underscores the effectiveness of the custom e-commerce solution provided by Robusta.

The Results

Robusta's innovative and efficient solution for Mazaya Retail Group has yielded impressive results. The expedited Go-live process coupled with the customizable platform designs facilitated the seamless transition of Mazaya's diverse brands into the digital e-commerce realm. Measurable results from Robusta's solution include:

icon E-commerce platforms in six months
icon Increase in sales in three months

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