Modernizing Our Approach to Employee Reviews: How Robusta Studio Embraced Data for Positive Change

21 Aug 2023


When it comes to helping businesses succed through technology, we at Robusta Studio always strive to overcome challenges with innovation. One significant challenge we tackled head-on was the outdated method of conducting performance reviews, peer reviews and evaluation as our old method contained a lot of limitations in tracking and data extraction. This internal predicament prompted us to rethink our strategy, leading to a transformative shift that improved our processes and serves as a guiding light for businesses facing similar challenges in customer experience.Not only does the tool that we developed internally overcome the challenges we faced, but it also will have a major impact on how we allocate teams to projects going forward.

Leaving Behind the Past: Embracing Data-Driven Evaluations

We recognized that traditional peer reviews, rooted in opinions, lacked the precision and depth we desired. Determined to make a change, we embarked on a journey to introduce a more data-focused approach. The conventional evaluation forms were marred by subjectivity, where colleagues provided ratings based on vague skills like communication and work quality. We saw the need for a fresh perspective, leading us to pioneer a methodology that harnessed concrete work data as the cornerstone for evaluations.

For instance, within our Engineering department, we revamped the evaluation process by incorporating tangible metrics such as the number and severity of bugs reported and code smells reported by static analyzers , as well as, tracking the average number of bugs within a team and comparing the individuals to team averages . We also factored in peer reviews, acknowledging that numbers alone might not tell the complete story. By comparing individual performance against team averages, our novel approach ensured comprehensive evaluations that pinpointed strengths and areas for growth more accurately.

Empowering Individuals: A Shift in Responsibility

As we transitioned from the traditional system to this data-centric methodology, we realized the importance of involving each team member. We understood that seeking and providing reviews shouldn't solely rest on the HR team's shoulders. Every individual in our organization took on the proactive role of seeking feedback from their collaborators. This approach not only increased response rates but also empowered each person to shape their own professional journey.

Furthermore, this transformation prompted us to develop a dedicated platform for reviews. This platform effectively addressed the limitations of our previous Google Forms-based system, streamlining data processing and enhancing user experience. This transition not only optimized our processes but also mitigated potential biases in reviewer selection.

A Glimpse of What's to Come: Personal Profiles, Soft Skills, and Continuous Progress

With the foundation laid for a data-driven and individual-centric evaluation process, our innovation extends beyond our internal domain. The potential applications of this system are vast:

Personalized "Profiles": Our tool soon will have the capacity to generate individual profiles, offering insights that our clients may find valuable. Individuals can now compare their performance against team averages, identifying areas for development and leveraging their strengths.

Enhanced Project Assignments: In the future, our tool will play a pivotal role in project assignments. While technical skills remain important, the tool will emphasize soft skills like punctuality, autonomy, and communication, ensuring well-rounded project teams.

Forward-Thinking Vision: Beyond its current application, the tool will facilitate probation reviews, provide a platform for communication and feedback, and even serve as a repository for private notes on colleagues for future reference.

A Promising Future: Goals, Achievements, and Recognition

Looking ahead, we envision using the tool to track goals and accomplishments, providing a holistic view of individual growth. Additionally, the tool will act as a "showcase document," enabling individuals to substantiate their contributions when seeking promotions or advancements.

Our journey from subjective opinions to data-driven evaluations underlines our dedication to innovation and excellence. As businesses navigate the intricacies of customer experience , our transformation stands as a beacon of hope—a testament that challenges, when met with creative tech solutions, will lead to a bigger impact in the future.

Ahmad Alfy

Ahmad Alfy

Chief Technology Officer - Robusta Studio

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