CEO & Co-Founder Ahmed Bayoumi

CEO & Co-Founder

Ahmed Bayoumi

Bayoumi kicked off his career working in sales with an all-time passion for fitness & nutrition. He later started personal training alongside his sales career where he completed the Personal trainer Diploma from The Academy for personal training (AFPT). In 2020, Bayoumi decided to focus on online training and nutrition because believed that a big part of the fitness and nutrition industry will evolve into the digital place. He then founded Iron & Carrots, an online remote coaching and content platform. Bayoumi is now Co-Founder and CEO at Airon, on a mission to virtually guide and support users to reach their fitness goals, at their own pace and convenience.

The Smartest PT is in Your Pocket

A virtual wellness center offering all levels of physical wellbeing by providing a personalized coaching experience relying on the power of AI to mimic the value of a human trainer

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