Raya Shop

The Story of How Design Can Influence Conversion

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The Story of Raya Shop

Raya Shop is the first and largest e-commerce website in Egypt dedicated to consumer electronics. It is a sub-brand of Raya Trade, Egypt's top electronics retailer and distributor.

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The Challenge

Raya Shop approached Robusta with the aim of landing a tech partner they could rely on and trust with their e-commerce website. They were struggling with a website that had a good base, but required too many third-party extensions that affected the website’s speed and functionality, which led to an unstable user experience.

The Solution

Robusta's solution for Raya Shop involved building a platform that was 100% Raya Shop, with minimal third-party extensions. The website was revamped with a complete UI/UX design and automating previously manual operations, which resulted in a more stable and functional website. Customers felt more comfortable and at ease on the site, which led to more conversions.

The Process

The Impact

Maximized Conversions

The combination of the improved website architecture, UX/UI design, and automated processes resulted in an increase in website conversions.

Lower Cart Abandonment Rates

The improved user experience led to a decrease in cart abandonment rates, as customers found it easier to navigate the website and complete their purchases.

112% YoY Revenue Growth

The improved website experience led to an increase in sales, resulting in a significant year-over-year revenue growth of 112%.

Increased Customer Base

The improved website experience attracted new customers to the site, resulting in a customer base of over 38K customers.

Improved Customer Retention

The personalized shopping experience led to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in over 4K returning customers.

Improved Operational Efficiency

The automation of previously manual processes led to improved operational efficiency, resulting in an average of 9 orders per hour.

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