How RTG and Mazaya Achieved E-commerce Success Through Partnership

25 Oct 2023


In the competitive and ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, businesses must continuously innovate and adapt to succeed. One effective strategy to thrive in this challenging environment is to establish strategic partnerships within the industry.

This article sheds light on the remarkable success achieved through the unique collaboration between Robusta Technology Group (RTG), a prominent provider of digital solutions and services, and Mazaya , Beauty & Fashion retail leader in the Egyptian market.

Mazaya set out with a vision to rapidly expand its e-commerce presence across various industries, segments and brands. Nevertheless, they encountered several hurdles along the way.

These challenges included managing a fragmented and outdated e-commerce platform that posed difficulties in scalability. Additionally, the lack of integration between online and offline channels led to subpar customer experiences and diminished customer loyalty. To compound matters, Mazaya was heavily reliant on multiple vendors, resulting in increased costs and operational complexity. They needed a dependable and adaptable partner to help overcome these obstacles and realize their e-commerce aspirations.

The Solution: A Unique Partnership Model

Enter RTG, which offered Mazaya a unique revenue share model that transcended the conventional client-vendor relationship. This mindset shift led to close collaboration, allowing RTG to grasp Mazaya's vision and align their strategies to bring it to fruition.

Key aspects of this partnership model included a shared risk and reward structure, Moreover, it emphasized flexibility and adaptability, enabling RTG to adjust the project's scope and timeline according to Mazaya's needs and feedback. RTG provided an all-encompassing solution by building a dedicated ecommerce team, covering not only design, development, hosting, and maintenance but also the full ecommerce business and its operations.

Key to Success: Technical Mastery and Streamlined Processes

The technical mastery of RTG played a crucial role in our success. Leveraging our white-label solution, Onesight Commerce , we could create websites within two working weeks, drastically reducing the time-to-market. Onesight Commerce, built on top of Adobe's renowned Magento 2, is one of the world's most powerful ecommerce engines. Combined with our headless implementation and world-class design approach, we offer a seamless, holistic, and robust enterprise e-commerce solution.

Navigating Design and Operational Hurdles

Every journey has its challenges, and ours was no different. One significant hurdle was the design process. We needed to create three websites quickly, but time was not on our side. Our solution was a one-size-fits-all design approach that saved time while ensuring a unified user experience.

Operationally, we needed to establish a centralized fulfillment center for all e-commerce orders. From order placement to delivery, we streamlined the process, optimizing the warehouse layout for efficient packing and shipping. We also partnered with courier services for nationwide next-day delivery.

Dedicated Teams for a Win-Win Situation

To ensure Mazaya's success, we created dedicated teams within RTG. We believe in a win-win situation where Mazaya's success is our success. Our partnership is built on balance and mutual benefit. We recognize that in the Ecommerce cycle the period after the customer pays is critical, and we have dedicated teams for operations, marketing, product development, and more to ensure smooth operations.

The Future: More Brands and Markets

The journey is far from over as RTG and Mazaya plan to launch new brands and penetrate additional markets in the upcoming quarter. This expansion includes Furla, OXXO, and Karaca. Furthermore, they are diligently working on revamping the loyalty program to enhance customer engagement and rewards.

The Lessons: How to Build a Successful Partnership

The RTG-Mazaya partnership serves as a compelling example of how businesses can attain e-commerce success through collaboration. The lessons learned from this partnership underscore the importance of selecting a partner who shares not only financial considerations but also the same vision and values. Effective communication, leveraging each other's strengths, flexibility, and a commitment to delivering value to customers are key takeaways from this fruitful collaboration.

The Results: Impressive Growth and Success

Our partnership with Mazaya has brought about remarkable results that underscore the success of our collaboration:

Impressive Conversion Rate Growth: Our partnership with Mazaya has led to a remarkable 2-fold increase in their conversion rate in just a few short months.

Phenomenal Revenue Surge: E-commerce revenue for Mazaya has skyrocketed, now generating 10 times the value it used to when we started our partnership. This incredible growth showcases the exceptional success of our collaboration.

Substantial Online Presence Growth: In the eight months since our partnership began, the online contribution has shown a significant 4-fold increase, solidifying Mazaya's online presence and impact.

These numbers reflect the tangible impact of our unique partnership model and the dedication of both RTG and Mazaya in achieving remarkable growth and success in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

Marwan Moussa

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