UAE Business Leaders Forecast the Next Wave of Tech Partnership Evolution

17 Mar 2024


As 2024 gets underway, United Arab Emirates is a global hub for technology and innovation.

The next wave of UAE tech partnerships will be about exchanging knowledge, research and development, and investment opportunities. By linking UAE’s tech and digital teams with global trends and best practices, UAE business leaders expect these partnerships to stimulate innovation, expand networks, and contribute to even more collaboration and growth.

Robusta Technology Group knows how to facilitate these partnerships. Read on to discover how we can help UAE businesses drive innovation, create value, and achieve tangible outcomes through the next wave of strategic tech partnerships.

##Future Partnerships Will Be Driven By World-Class Technology

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, businesses must continuously innovate and adapt.

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere around the UAE you’ll find a diverse landscape of business partnerships where strategic partnerships are more important than ever. The Emirate’s future economy depends on these partnerships between established companies and startups.

For example, Future100 , a joint initiative between the UAE Ministry of Economy and the UAE Minister of Government Development and the Future, supports business collaborations in innovative sectors of the UAE economy.

According to UAE Minister of Economy, Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Future100 will accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

“The Ministry of Economy continues to support innovative future projects that promote the UAE’s global leading position,” Al Marri said .

He went on to say the initiative “further enhances UAE’s position as a permanent hub for creativity and innovation, securing sustainable growth for the UAE’s national economy and creating new jobs, especially in sectors pertaining to the new economic fields, such as space, renewable energy, fintech, and AI.”

In recent years, the UAE has invested in a culture of innovation and collaboration. Business leaders are meeting one another at Dubai Internet City and Abu Dhabi's Hub71 , where incentives, streamlined regulations, and access to funding foster an environment conducive to collaboration among startups, established firms, investors, and mentors.

But what about technology?

These growing businesses will need e-commerce solution suites, plug-and-play SaaS solutions, and other customized digital solutions that support their business needs and achieve their growth objectives.

##R&D Is Driving UAE Business Innovation

The UAE has also dedicated significant financial resources to establish cutting-edge research and development centers. By encouraging collaboration among academia, industry, and government, these centers facilitate knowledge sharing and the development of pioneering technologies.

##Exciting Times For Entrepreneurs and Startups

The UAE actively supports entrepreneurship and startups as catalysts for innovation. Noteworthy initiatives such as the Dubai Future Accelerators and the Abu Dhabi Global Market’s Regulatory Laboratory provide mentoring, funding, and regulatory support to startups and entrepreneurs. By connecting startups with established companies, these programs foster collaboration, enabling the sharing of expertise and resources.

Meanwhile, events like GITEX Technology Week and STEP Conference serve as platforms for startups to showcase innovations and network with potential investors and partners. There's also Seamless —an regional tech event that attracts the brightest and most innovative minds across the fintech, retail, e-commerce, home delivery and digital marketing industries to Dubai.

##RTG Has A Record Of Success—And We Can Do It Again

The next wave of technology-based partnerships will look familiar to the partnerships RTG has been forging for years.

Here’s one example: When Mazaya (a beauty and fashion retail leader) needed to expand its e-commerce presence , they encountered several challenges, including a fragmented and outdated e-commerce platform that would not scale.

Mazaya’s online and offline channels were not integrated, which led to negative customer experiences and diminished customer loyalty. Mazaya needed a dependable and adaptable partner to lower costs and decrease operational complexity.

That’s where RTG stepped in. We created a dedicated ecommerce team that took charge of design, development, hosting, maintenance & ecommerce operations.

We were up against a tough deadline. RTG and Mazaya needed to create three websites quickly. To reduce the time-to-market we used Onesight Commerce (one of the world's most powerful ecommerce engines), built on top of Adobe's renowned Magento 2. Our headless implementation and world-class design gave Mazaya a seamless, holistic, and robust enterprise e-commerce solution.

Our close collaboration emphasized flexibility and adaptability, enabling RTG to adjust the project's scope and timeline according to Mazaya's needs and feedback.

The partnership led to a remarkable increase in E-commerce revenue in just a few short months.

Perhaps best of all, the partnership is built to scale while maintaining quality and ensuring mutual success. Going forward, RTG and Mazaya plan to launch new brands, penetrate additional markets and further enhance customer engagement and loyalty through tech innovation.

Robusta Technology Group Can Partner With You (And Make Your Collaborations Stronger

How can UAE businesses attain success through collaboration? First, they should select a partner who shares not only financial considerations but also the same vision and values.

Effective communication, leveraging each other's strengths, flexibility, and a commitment to delivering value to customers are key components of a fruitful collaboration.

Scaling partnerships while maintaining quality and ensuring mutual success? That’s the hard part. And that’s also how Robusta Technology Group helps.

RTG is your lifelong success partner in the ever-evolving tech landscape. We are committed to being by your side every step of the way to empower your journey with cutting-edge solutions, unwavering support, and fresh perspectives and insights that ensure your growth. See how we empowered more than 500+ businesses in over 20 countries in becoming the best digitally empowered pioneers that lead the world today.

And when you’re ready to work with us, simply contact us and we’ll begin the conversation.

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