Conversational Commerce Solutions for a Saudi Lighting Manufacturer.

Discover how we transformed the online shopping experience through innovative conversational commerce solutions of a leading lighting manufacturer.

Software Development.


A prominent leading lighting manufacturer operating in Saudi Arabia focused on high-quality, technologically advanced fixtures that keep energy saving solutions in mind, reached out to Robusta Studio to elevate their online shopping experience. Operating both online (e-commerce) and in-store as well as having manufacturing facilities spread across Saudi Arabia and China, the company desired to digitize the seamless in-person shopping experience.

The Challenge

In e-commerce, without physical stores, handling customer inquiries becomes a bit more complex. It's common for people to struggle with understanding product specs or comparing lighting fixtures. Additionally, navigating websites can pose challenges for those who aren't tech-savvy, often requiring some extra guidance.

The Solution

We introduced conversational commerce via WhatsApp to connect customers with support, offering information, order tracking, and comparisons. Our bot manages the sales cycle, handles inquiries, and processes payments, all in the Saudi dialect for clarity. This personalized approach saves customers time and overcomes e-commerce hurdles.

The Process

The Impact

Efficiency Boost icon

Our bot speeds up searching by letting users input their needs directly, cutting out browsing.

Simplified Specifications icon

Product specs are concise, avoiding overload for easier decision-making.

Personalized Recommendations icon

The bot suggests fixtures based on room details, and lets you compare options.

Seamless Order Management icon

Directly linked to e-commerce, the bot stores order details for convenient future use.

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